JEI vol 7, no. 1 (2016)

Reflecting on Environmental Alpha – Angelo A. Calvello, PhD

Editorial: Looking Back – Cary Krosinsky

Reflections on Environmental Alpha
An update to Chapter 6, “SRI or Not SRI?”, in Environmental Alpha: Institutional Investors and Climate Change – Matthew J. Kiernan, PhD

Reflections on “Effective Clean Tech Investing”
An update to Chapter 11, “Effective Clean Tech Investing,” in Environmental Alpha: Institutional Investors and Climate Change – Russell Read, PhD, CFA, and John Preston, MBA

Corporate Responsibility, Reporting, and Environmental Investing—A Retrospective
An update to Chapter 15, “Corporate Responsibility and Environmental Investing,” in Environmental Alpha: Institutional Investors and Climate Change – Tony Hoskins, MBA

Into the BlueLiesel van Ast

Reflecting on My Journey from Student to Practitioner: Environmental Alpha against a Backdrop of Industry Change – Katherine Burstein McGinn, CFA

Six Years Back, Six ForwardTony Lent, MBA

The Supply and Demand of Environmental DisclosureLee O’Dwyer, CFA

Beyond IntrigueWilliam H. Page, MBA

Impact through Shareholder EngagementTim Smith

On Socialism, Price, and SustainabilityTodd Cort, BS, MS, PhD, and Juan-Victor Seminario, BA, MBA, MAM

Pollution: The Next Environmental Issue on the Global Agenda after Climate Change & The Positive Health Impacts of Environmental Investing – Richard Fuller, Alexander Preker, MD, PhD, and Diane-Charlotte Simon, MBM

Balancing Corporate Values with Investor Demands: The Challenges of Industry-Led Scaling of a Low-Carbon Power Supply – Parker Liautaud

Introducing the Carbon Impact Factor: A Family of Financial Instruments to Differentiate and Reward Carbon Efficiency in Commodity Production
Revised January 2016 – Joe Madden, Stephen Lamm, Jeff Cohen, Tom Baumann, Mary Grady, Arjun Patney, Eric Ripley, Andrew Deitz, Sean Gilligan, and Saskia Feast

Climate Change Finance Data: Looking Under the Hood – Patrick Reed, Gabe Rissman, Logan Yonavjak, Evan Dryland, MBA, Yonatan Landau, MBA, Dillon Lanius, and Sebastian Vanderzeil, MBA

Do Palm Oil Financiers Care About Sustainability? – Pek Shibao