JEI vol 6, no. 1 (2015)

Editorial: The Divestment Conundrum  Cary Krosinsky

The Compelling Case for Divestment  Bevis Longstreth, JD

Climate Change: Now Risk, Not Uncertainty  Ian Simm, MPA

Optimal Diversification and the Energy Transition: Exploring Fossil Fuel Exposure
Beyond Divestment
   Jakob Thomä, Stan Dupré, Alexandre Gorius, Manuel Coeslier, and
Danyelle Guyatt, PhD 

Reinvesting after Divesting: A Few Fossil-Fuel-Free Options  Robert Schwarz, MBA, MS 

The Demise of Divestment  Gerrit Heyns

What Divesting May Yield: Revisiting “The Grasshopper and the Ant” in the Context of University Endowments  J. Ritchie and H. Dowlatabadi, PhD

Carbon Bubble and Divestment Trouble: Investor Reactions, An Analysis  John Byrd, PhD, and Elizabeth Cooperman, PhD 

An Excerpt of Invested in Change: Faith Consistent Investing in a Climate-Challenged World  Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR)

An Excerpt from Acting on Climate Change: Solutions by Canadian Scholars  Catherine Potvin, PhD, et al.

Really?  Teaching Chevron at Bard’s MBA in Sustainability  Kathy Hipple, MBA, Hunter Lovins, JD, and Juzer Rangoonwala, MBA

Divestment and Climate Bonds  Jordan Sabin

What to Do about Europe’s Market Fundamentalism  Frank Jan de Graaf, PhD, and Sean Kidney

The Risks and Returns of Fossil-Fuel-Free Investing  John Willis and Paul Spence 

This issue, the latest of the JEI, was kindly sponsored by Sustainable Insight Capital Management

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