About Us

The Journal of Environmental Investing (JEI) is an interdisciplinary, open access publication featuring critical, vetted information relating to the current environmental investing imperative. The JEI presents research papers, commentaries, case studies, and reviews on manifold topics. It continues to focus the critical issues of creating, deploying, financing, structuring, and managing successful market-based solutions to the environmental challenges of the day.

In addition to regular issues, the JEI is expanding its content to include original and previously circulated working papers, case studies, video and print interviews, POV essays, conference proceedings, book reviews, user-driven content, blogs, data on environmental investing, and news. Specifically, the JEI has established formal curated Working Groups on: Carbon, Water, Sustainable Property, Forest Finance, Renewable Energy and Divestment. It has also started an initiative to create and collect case studies on environmental investing.

At the heart of the Journal of Environmental Investing is the global clearinghouse for all topics related to environmental investing, offering free access to unbiased and objective information about environmental investing. It is written for and by asset owners and managers, scientists, economists, policy makers and regulators, technologists, academics, students, and other stakeholders interested in the search for real solutions to the sobering state of global environmental affairs.

The JEI has been at the heart of this search for the last five years and remains committed to being the clearinghouse of relevant critical information needed to shape and make prudent environmental investment decisions.

Cary Krosinsky

Angelo Calvello

Managing Editor
Mary M Cavanagh

Book Review Editor
Katherine Burstein

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Christine Cho

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Nancy Gelband

Associate Editors

Urs Dieterich/Mimi Reichenbach/David Rissman/Jordan Sabin

Jacob Sandry/Pek Shibao/ Mujtaba Wani

Mr Nick Robins, HSBC, United Kingdom

Edward Kearns, Deputy Chief, RSAD at the National Climatic Data Center at NCDC/NOAA

Richard Betts, Head of Climate Impacts at Met Office

Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative

Dr. Christine Chan, Chan Environmental Consulting

Anna Davydova, Fidelity Investments

Dr. Matthew Kiernan, Inflection Point Capital

Jayendran Rajamony, Numeric Investors LLC, United States

Dr. Alex Rau, Climate Wedge Ltd JEI SP Board Member, United States

Dimitri Alexis Zenghelis, Senior Economic Adviser Long-term Strategy and Innovation Senior Visiting Fellow London School of Economics Associate Fellow Royal Institute of International Affairs, United Kingdom

Mr. Timothy Gray, United States

Hunter Lovins

Julie Blunden, SunPower Corporation

Dr. Russel Read, CFA – Chairman and Managing Partner at C Change Investments

Dr. Robert Jaeger, BNY Mellon

Paul Watchman, Chief Executive Officer Quayle Watchman Consultancy

William Page

Andrew W Mitchell, Global Canopy Programme, Oxford OX2 8QJ Green Templeton College, Oxford, United Kingdom

Sarah Cleveland

Erik Valtonen, Senior Advisor, Sweden

Dr Massimiliano Castelli

Willem Appel

Dr. Shawn Bengtson, Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society, United States

Keith Black, United States

Tony Day, Australia

Dr Chris Woods, FTSE, United Kingdom