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    Associate Editor Jordan Sabin notes that progress on Climate Bonds in 2015 has slowed, but the second half of the year retains potential to fulfill predictions.

  • Clearance for oil palm plantations near Tanjung Puting National Park

    Our fourth JEI Working Paper from Associate Editor Urs Dieterich examines implications of growing commitments to so-called “zero deforestation.”

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    Islamic finance is often implemented through negative screening, yet it has ancient roots in concepts now often called “shared value.” Associate Editor Mujtaba Wani looks at how Islamic finance could be successfully implemented.


The Journal of Environmental Investing (JEI) is an inter-disciplinary, peer-reviewed, open-access journal that publishes original research in all areas at the intersection of the environment and investing. The JEI presents research papers, commentaries, case studies, and reviews on manifold topics. It focuses on the critical issues of creating, deploying, financing, structuring, and managing successful market-based solutions to the environmental challenges of today.

The JEI’s mission is to facilitate the flow of capital to solutions to problems arising from natural resource depletion, pollution, demographic changes, sustainability, and climate change. To fulfill this mission, the JEI carries high-impact research articles as well as thoughtful analyses that make environmental solutions more attainable by articulating their investment risks and opportunities. The JEI serves as a platform to bring together disciplines ranging from science to policy to finance, so that such challenges can be pragmatically addressed from academic and applied perspectives.

At the heart of the Journal of Environmental Investing is free access to unbiased and objective information about environmental investing. It is written for and by asset owners and managers, investment professionals, scientists, economists, policy makers and regulators, technologists, academics, investment professionals, and other stakeholders interested in the search for real solutions to the sobering state of global environmental affairs.

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